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CaptainBiz is an All in One GST Billing Software that gives you the fastest way to get your Invoicing organised so that you get paid on time, control your inventory, reduce costs and grow business smoothly.

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For Manufacturers

GST Billing Software for Top Manufacturers

"As a Manufacturer, I need to keep my Costs low. CaptainBiz understands that. My tension-free way to manage business."

Manish Pandey

For Traders

GST Billing Software for Traders

"As a Trader, I focus on Increasing my Sales. CaptainBiz understands that. I can manage business tension-free."

Anusha Nair

For Services

GST Billing Software for Services

"As a Services person, it’s important to control my Margins. CaptainBiz understands that. I am free of tension."

Ali Mirza

The Complete Management Solution for Small Businesses

Explore the features below to unlock the power of our Online GST Billing Software.

  • captainbizTrack payments
  • GST approvedGST approved UOMs supported
  • Industry specificIndustry specific invoice templates for GST and non-GST companies
  • Share invoicesShare invoices over WhatsApp or Email
Do Not Missed Payment
  • Automatic SalesAutomatic Sales / Purchase based updates on your account
  • Real-TimeReal-time check for efficient reorder
  • Bulk UploadBulk upload of items
Tax Exclusive Invoice
  • Generate GST ReportGenerate GST-ready reports for filing tax in a click
  • E-InvoiceE-invoice capable
  • Empanelled By GoodsEmpanelled by Goods & Services Tax Network (GSTN) India
GST Report File
  • Download StatementDownload financial statements in Excel
  • Easily Import TallyEasily import into Tally
Download Accounting statements
  • Data HostedData hosted in India
  • SSL CertificationSSL certificate enabled
GST Operate securely
  • captainBiz AppUse CaptainBiz on app (Android or iOS) and PC web
  • Setup Your CompanySet up your company online, in minutes
  • Dedicated ServerDedicated Customer Support for immediate assistance on phone
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Frequently Asked Questions about CaptainBiz

CaptainBiz is a complete business accounting, inventory management and online billing software for small businesses in India. You can send invoices over WhatsApp or email; instantly track inventory; monitor payments due to you; download sales reports (compatible with Tally) or GST reports for monthly tax-filing. We have a dedicated Customer Support team that is happy to provide you assistance, whenever you need it. CaptainBiz is endorsed by the Goods & Services Tax Network (GSTN) of India as an affordable and easy-to-use solution for both GST and non-GST companies.

GST billing software is a niche digital product that simplifies the process of invoicing businesses through automatic generation, calculation, and administration strategies in compliance with Goods and Services Tax (GST). Such software helps in the accurate calculation of GST, provides legally compliant invoices, and allows maintaining digital records for effective record-keeping. GST billing software, with its automation and reporting functionalities, not only streamlines invoice generation but also makes organizations orderly by minimizing errors while accounting for compliance with tax legislation in areas where GST is implemented.

You do not need to download or install any software for CaptainBiz. After registering your company on, and activating your account, simply login and get started. You can use your CaptainBiz account on your PC or the CaptainBiz app (available on Play Store or App Store).

Now, Create your company profile by indicating necessary information about the business, and then you enter details concerning products or services offered. For the invoice, choose a customer and load relevant items for software to auto-calculate GST based on the data entered. Revise the invoices, make necessary corrections, and save them as completed documents. Use the software’s recordkeeping capabilities to keep a digital history of transactions and investigate reporting functions for detailed information regarding sales and taxes.

You can download the CaptainBiz app for Free on either the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS)

CaptainBiz is designed for manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, retailers, distributos, and service based businesses. It is a GST Invoice Software to help businesses with quick invoicing, track inventory management, payment tracking, monitoring of cash & bank transactions, exporting reports that are compatible with Tally and generating ready-for-filing GST reports (for GST registered companies). Renew the joy of doing business, tension-free with CaptainBiz Online billing software.

As for businesses, GST billing software is crucial because of various fundamental reasons. Initially, it meets Goods and Services Tax (GST) standards. The software’s automation of sophisticated tax calculations reduces the risk of errors and ensures accurate financial calculations. In addition, GST billing software simplifies the process of making invoices and saves time when compared to pen and paper. It is an important tool in ensuring organized documentation, support of efficient financial management, and transparency. The reporting capabilities of the software provide useful information for informed decision-making and its ability to adjust to changes in regulation, coupled with regular updates ensure businesses remain within compliance. However, GST billing software is useful for complying with legal requirements, making accurate financial transactions; smooth running operations, and adjusting to changing regulatory environments.

The GST billing software is very advantageous to small businesses in several ways. To begin with, it assures compliance with Goods and Services Tax rules that are mandatory for law obedience. The software automates complicated tax calculations thereby reducing mistakes and assuring invoice correctness. Small firms usually lack the required funds, and GST billing software manages invoicing processes which is time-consuming. It also makes record-keeping simpler and ensures structured information, thus having a smoother financial management while being transparent. Secondly, the system offers insightful reports helping in effective decision making.